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Now in its eleventh year, Santepheap continues to provide food, shelter, clothing, education, health care and personal and moral development.

All of this has been made possible by Friends such as you. Without the donations of money, supplies and volunteer hours, none of this would have been possible.

As you no doubt understand, an NGO such as Santepheap functions from month to month, year to year on a budget for essentials required to provide for the children. Like most NGO’s, it is often difficult, and sometimes critical, to meet that budget. The safety and welfare of the children depend on a sustainable, predictable funding source, like every family.

Here are four graduates who attest to the success of your efforts and support!

Srey Roth came to Santepheap in November, 2008 at age 16. She is from a very poor village and has three brothers and a sister. Her parents are famers. Her dreams came true when she was able to get an education with the support she received at Santepheap. Upon completing high school, she entered Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC) in TESOL and has now graduated. She has a good job as an English teacher at Australia Pacific International School (API).
She says that she earned helpful experience by communicating with foreign visitors and learning English. She had good results during high school because she didn’t need to worry about shelter, food and money. The best thing was getting to know her brothers and sisters at Santepheap and all the support that Santepheap gave her to make her dream come true.

By Bon came to Santepheap in 2008 when he was 13 years old and in 4th grade. His parents brought him to Santepheap because they were poor farmers with five children and his school was too far from their home.
Bon graduated from Santepheap in January 2015 with an opportunity for training in motorbike mechanics at KKO (Khmer for Khmer Organization) in Siem Reap. Now, Bon is working full time, and is able to earn money to support himself and a small family.
Bon is thankful to Santepheap for providing him shelter, food, clothes, education and especially his moral development. Bon emphasizes this a lot, because he honestly admits that before he came to live in Santepheap he was a temperamental child. However, after his time at Santepheap he feels that his character has changed with a positive morality, respect for elders, working very hard and knowing what is right and wrong, that Santepheap helped him to be a new guy and a proper citizen.

Ram Lina came to Santepheap as a 13 year old, when her grandmother brought her after her parents divorced and moved away from Siem Reap. Her parents are farmers with five other children in a poor village.
She graduated from Santepheap in January 2015 with a scholarship for vocational training in hospitality at Paul Dubrule for one year in Bakery and Pastry. Now she is married and working at Apsara Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap.
She is very happy and grateful because Santepheap gave her education, shelter, food, security, welfare and English skills. She feels so happy that she spent her time with her brothers and sisters at Santepheap and that was an unforgettable moment. She is now married.

Sey came to Santepheap in 2008, graduated from high school in the top of his class in 2016 and is now in his second year at university in Phnom Penh, where he is studying civil engineering.

He always says his time at Santepheap was full of joy, living with his CCHP brothers and sisters - he was always a leader and support for them. He enjoyed Traditional Khmer Dancing, education, meditation, and learning social skills and good morality.

Kha came to Santepheap in 2008, graduated high school, and recently graduated from Southeast Asia University in IT. He currently works for ABA Bank as an ATM technician. Kha expresses how grateful he is for the support and sponsorship that made it possible for him to achieve this success!

Khmao came to Santepheap in 2008, graduated high school and attended culinary training, becoming a chef at major hotels. He was always a "Big Brother" to the other children, and participated in Traditional Khmer Dancing. He is now married.

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